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The My Little Pony franchise is famous for cutie marks, unique picture-like symbols located on the ponies and zebras' flanks or haunches. The term is a play on "beauty mark", and it is also reminiscent of "quarter mark". The mark itself is positioned where livestock branding is usually performed. Cutie marks are often related to the personality, proclivity, or talent of the character.

Harmony Rainbows Power is Magic is the first My Little Pony production that explicitly refers to these symbols as a main subject of interest. They were referred to as "symbols" in the first generation, and were changed to "cutie marks" in the third generation.

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The cutie marks have long been characteristic of the My Little Pony toy line, albeit had not been officially coined as "cutie mark" prior to the third generation of the toy line. The cutie marks on the toys of the My Little Pony Harmony Rainbows Power is Magic  toy generation sometimes do not precisely match their design on the show. Additionally, while the show features cutie marks on both sides of the pony, the toys feature the marks on only one side. The side varies between toys, mostly dependent on each toy's packaging.

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