My Little Pony Harmony Rainbows Power is Magic Wiki

Song 1:

Princess Celestia: (Hello Twilight)

Twilight Sparkle: (what?)

Mane 8: Hello ponyville!!! Sky has moring

Rainbow Dash: Happy sun is rising

Rarity: Fresh Princess has walking

Applejack: Apples is freshing

Twilight Sparkle: Stara has rising

Name 8: Hello pony ville!!! Cute dragon wakes

Sunset Shimmer: (Oh yeah) Sun is good

MoonShine: Star and Sparkle is my fav

Fluttershy: And birldswake up

Name 8: Hello now

Song 2

Fluttershy: I. M very freshing for a day

Fluttershy: let go let go let go

Fluttershy: Let s go

Fluttershy Who is butterfly Fluttershy

Fluttershy: Let go

Fluttershy: nów day now

Song 3

Rarity:Pears lalala

Rarity: Is good lalala

Rarity: Pers lalala

Rarity: is a summer lalalaa

Rarity: day not end lalala

Rarity: Silver color is not back

Song 4

Fluttershy: (wheres thorles?)

Melody: (idk)

Razzle and Dazzle: (wheres?)

Thorles: no i can

Thorles: My Best friend

Thorles: Nooo

Thorles: this is no fair

Malody: (not cry)

Thorles: and my Best friend... Has gone


Fluttershy: (why you cry Thorles?)

Thorles: idk



Fluttershy: (awwwThorles)

Song 5:

Dramon: Evil is evil

Spike: (Yes)

Dramon: Evils...

Dramon and Spike: I HAVE BE EVILS!!!

Dramon: mhahahaha

Spike: mhahaha

Dramon and Spike: to has!!!

Sorry others songs i skipped Song 6

Sunset Dhimmer: Why... I Can safe to one, i go to be my good life

Rainbow Dash: Not i dont mąkę cry, and sing open my cute mouch

Mane 8: Shine by Rainbow oooo

Mane 8: Shine by Rainbow oooo

Applejack: be, go to by life, by Shine to friend and Can shine

MoonShine: Why i do i not can

Twilight Sparkle: BE friend

Fluttershy : And example Shine by minę....

Mane 8: go to my, Best Best life, Shine by ooooooo oo)(ahhh)

Mane 8: Every night to the Dark, sind a songoooooo

Fluttershy: Shine by Rainbow

Final song:

Fluttershy: Hes to US Hes to US Hes to us

Fluttershy: Fliwers sing is hall little Child is a kind)(hahaha)

Fluttershy: Hes to US Hes to US Hes to us

Fluttershy: Jesus i new born is a night Fliwers is sining of the halls and my firnds is SING NOW!!!


Fluttershy: Hes to us